Our Mission

To help our users design and visualize their personal financial goals. Our mission is to offer a personal finance platform that fosters a sense of curiosity in our users into learning about their financial habits. Mining into their precious data, the users are able to reach their personal financial goals through small changes in their habits.

This becomes feasible with simple, actionable steps that create a positive and measurable compound effect over time.

Having the notion that information is an important asset moving into our collective future, we aspire to make personal finance accessible for those that have not been introduced to its immense utility.

We intend on providing insight to our users about their financial habits, ranging from self-evident discoveries to insights that are hard to come by without external assistance of introspection.

You don´t have to worry about your data being used by third parties. Your information is only saved locally on your device. We will never run profiling algorithms on customer data.



Can I change the language?
Yes. In the settings section you can choose English, Spanish, French and German as your main language.

Can I change the app’s interface appearance?
Yes. In the settings section you can choose from blue, gold and rose gold skins

Can I change the currency?
Yes. In the settings section you can choose from USD, MXN, EUR, CNY and BTC. In addition, the Plus and Pro versions are capable of having some accounts or assets in one currency and some accounts or assets in another currency.

Can I get alerts about due dates?
Yes. You can configure due dates in credit cards and other liabilities.

Can I manage budgets?
Yes. The Plus and Pro versions let you register a monthly budget for each category of incomes and expenses, those versions also include a home widget that gives you a graphical representation of the money spent on each category budget.

How many steps does it take to set up my accounts?
It only takes a few easy steps to complete your account. You are only required to set up the accounts that you know you are going to be using. The widgets appearing on your homepage that have not accounts linked to them will either appear empty or with a message that reads “no account has been registered yet”.

How affordable is YMW?
Our payment plans are very affordable in comparison to other applications on the market. You have the option as well of starting with the free version, and then evaluating if the app suits your individual needs.

Can I keep a registry of all my assets other than bank accounts?
Yes. You can register cash and debit, as well as assets such as houses, cars, jewelry or any other object.

Can I keep a registry of all my debts other than credit cards?
Yes. You can register short term debt like credit cards, as well as other liabilities such as short term bank loans.

Can I keep a registry of all my investment accounts?
Yes. You can register the yield or the gain and losses in a period to approximate the behavior of an investment account.

Can I keep a registry of all my financial assets?
Yes, Even with the free version of YMW, you can enter all activities related with deposits and withdrawals, like an income and expense respectively by entering the difference between the current balance of your bank account and the current balance in your App account as a positive or negative value.

How many steps does it take to register an expense?
Very few! From the home screen just tap on the floating button on the lower right corner and select expense, on the new expense screen register amount and account, every other detail is optional! You can optionally choose a different currency, change the date, select a category, write a description, add photos, rate how much you liked it and even make it a recurrent transaction!

Is YMW user friendly?
The app’s interface is laid out with a simple, pleasant design to the eye. All the widgets you will use are found in the Home section of the app, making navigation easy for the user.


Do I receive some advice?
For the first release version of the app the explicit advice given to the user is limited, nevertheless, much condensed information is presented on the home screen so the users can develop insights on their own. We anticipate further app development added to the existing widgets or new ones that enriches the user experience to offer a more complete picture into their personal finances.

Why should I start using a financial app such as YMW?
Your Money’s Worth is an affordable personal finance app that lays the fundamentals of best practices like saving, managing credits, etc in comparison to others that exist in the market today. When you see the benefits of having financial assistance with the free version, you can upgrade to our Plus or Pro versions. The price of our Plus version is a yearly subscription of only 9.99USD.

Can I synchronize my bank accounts?
Not yet. At this moment, all financial information must be registered by the user, however, we have implemented a fast and comprehensive UI that helps you do it quickly while adding lots of detail.

Is my information kept private?
Yes. This is an important aspect for us. Your information is kept private at all times. We do not sell your personal information to third parties for profit.

Upcoming Updates.

Can I synchronize data across devices?
Not yet. This feature is planned to be released in a future update of the Pro version.

Can I manage shared accounts?
Not yet. This feature is planned to be released in a future update of the Pro version.

Can I visualize future transactions?
Yes. The Plus and Pro versions let you register transactions with a future date, also you ca99n configure recurrent transactions that repeat periodically in the future.

Can I import data from Excel files?
Not yet. This feature is planned to be released in a future update in the plus and pro versions.